Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vespro liveberries 防癌必備

VesPro LiveBerries is a clinically proven combination of 9 different types of the best selling berries in the international market... all combined into a delicious beverage powder.

The 9 different types of berries are blackberry, strawberry, red and black raspberry, boysenberry, cherry, blueberry, cranberry and mulberry.


Cancer prevention
Those who are starting to experience abnormal cancer marker blood test results.

Cancer treatment
Those who have been diagnosed with cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy / radio therapy / steroid treatment.

Benign breast lumps, urinary tract infections, abnormal pap smear results, poor skin condition.

Suitable for children who do not like to eat fruits, constantly developing infections and prone to inflamed tonsils.

Busy executives
The perfect powdered berry nutrition for those leading a fast and hectic lifestyle. Clinically proven to prevent cell damage from work / emotional / physical stress.

Senior citizens
Alzheimers, Parkinsons, cardiovascular problems, improves recovery from stoke. Improves eyesight (reduces macular degeneration), Arthritis.

Accelerates the effectiveness of all skincare products by killing blood poison. reduces infections / fever after cosmetic surgery.


*高抗氧化, 增強免疫系統
*改善尿道感染, 子宮或乳房異常的症狀

--Product of USA
--100% Guaranteed Preservative Free
--100% Guaranteed near zero sugar and sodium levels
--100% Guaranteed Filler Free

Packing: 4g*20sachets (1 month supply)
RSP: RM88.00

Any inquiries, please contact 0125655732

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