Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bamboo Charcoal 竹炭的神奇功效


For Electromagnetic (EM) Wave Protection
Place some bamboo charcoal near electrical appliances like personal computer and television set to dissipate the EM waves.

For Odour & Humidity Protection
Place bamboo charcoal packs in car, shoe rack, wash room, and kitchen. The packs will help remove odour, absorb moisture, and prevent shoes and clothing from mildew formation.

(special for bone spur at neck)

For Bedding--- to promote deeper sleep
Bamboo charcoal support pillow and mattress protector promote a deeper sleep. Negative ions and far infrared rays emitted will stimulate blood circulation, reduce fatigue, and improve metabolism. Such products have positive effects on sour shoulders, neck strain, insomnia, and respiratory health.

For Refrigerator
Absorbs unpleasant smell, and helps to maintain the freshness of food by absorbing ethylene gas produced by vegetables and fruits.

For Water Purification & Cooking Rice
If you put 50 to 60 grams of bamboo charcoal in one litre of water, you will increase the mineral content and soften the water, making it excellent for drinking.

1. Wash bamboo charcoal thoroughly with a brush or sponge. Never use detergent!
2. Put bamboo charcoal into water and boil over low heat for about 5 minutes.
3. Remove bamboo charcoal and allow it to dry.
4. Put 50g bamboo charcoal into one litre of water. Leave it for a few hours. The result is something close to mineral water.
5. The bamboo charcoal can be used for approximately one month.

When cooking with rice, bamboo charcoal will emit infrared and release minerals which will provide extra sustenance and additional flavour.

Bamboo Vinegar
A by-product of charcoal production, bamboo vinegar is made by cooling moist smoke from the kiln. It is used for many purposes, from anti-bacterial agents and agricultural insecticides to deodorants, bath additives, and products to enhance health and beauty. It has a strong and signature burnt smell.

For Fish Tanks
Place some bamboo charcoal pieces in the tanks to keep the water clean and healthy for the fishes.

For Gardening
Put bamboo charcoal pieces in flower pots or planters. Bamboo charcoal will mineralise and neutralise the oxidized soil. Your plants will grow better with better aeration and humidity condition.

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