Monday, October 26, 2009

Detoxification therapy 排毒療程

When your body is toxic, toxins hide and embed themselves in your body fat. This causes your cells and organs to become sluggish and lose efficiency. The fatter you are, the more toxins you can store.

As your organs and body systems lose their ability to function properly, they lose their ability to metabolize and process fat effectively.

If your body didn't get rid of toxins, what does the body do with all of these toxins? It stores them in your body cells and fat cells and anywhere there is weakness in your body.

It stores toxins in weak parts of your body because that part of your body will not repel the them as easily as does the healthy part of your body. This makes this weak part even weaker and eventually becomes a diseased area or a cyst. If this diseased area is allowed to exist too long, it becomes difficult to repair and to bring it back into good health.

How do you push toxins out of your body and create good health? There are some detox packages to follow.

7 days liver detoxification therapy 肝臟排毒配套(Product of Japan)- RM55.90

Ingredients: Organic mugi cha, wild pine donko, organic daikon ganbuzu

Suitable for: Fatty liver, stress, fatigue, insomnia, sluggish complexion, phlegm and sensitive nose
適合對象: 脂肪肝, 壓力, 疲勞, 失眠, 眼睛疲勞, 皮膚無光澤, 多痰, 鼻子敏感

14 days kidney strengthening therapy腎臟保健配套(Product of Japan)- RM39.90

Ingredients: Organic sprouted adzuki bean, organic sprouted black bean, daifuku kombu seaweed, Okinawa natural sea salt

Suitable for: low energy level, stress, fatigue, nerve disorder, insomnia, bloatedness
適合對象: 體力衰弱, 壓力, 疲勞, 神經系統不安穩, 失眠, 水腫

10 days Colon detoxification therapy大腸排毒配套 (Product of Japan)--RM69.90

Ingredients: Organic 1 year umesu vinegar, pure red nori seaweed

Suitable for: Constipation, indigestion, bloatedness, fatigue, always take oily and fast foods.
適合對象: 便秘者, 消化不良, 漲風, 疲勞, 時常吃外食或油膩的食物

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