Thursday, October 8, 2009

Buffalo series 牛頭牌系列

Prestige package

1. 40cm Function series wok
2. 32cm perfect cooker
3. 8L pressure cooker
4. Induction cooker
5. Wok silicon seal
Free Angel pot & chinese turner

售價: RM2538 (12期供期)

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Enco Rice Cooker 安康電飯鍋--Safe and Healthy Rice for You And Your Family

--easy way to cook rice, porridge, soup--

The inner pot of Enco Rice Cooking is made of our safest material- Buffalo Clad.
The features are included:
-High thermal conductivity outer layer for fast and even heat transmission.
-Space-tech grade stainless steel for inner layer. Do not stick easily.
-Tough and scratch-proof Buffalo Clad.
-Versatile cooking function. Corrosion resistant and there is no chemical reactions.

The features of Enco Rice Cooker:
-Easy-to-function control panel, equipped with Rice Cooking, Porridge, Soup and Keep Warm functions.
-Special design steel cap to avoid water leaking to the edge of pot, and ensuring rice is well cooked.
-Advanced temperature and water control steam lid to prevent water from gushing out or leakage.
-Convenient handle design.
-Attached accessories.

售價: RM328 (1L); RM368 (1.5L); RM398 (1.8L)

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Induction cooker 電磁炉

Special Features:
1.Safe, easy, fast, energy saving, easy to be maintained.

2.Easy Time and Temperature Setting function

3.Environmental protection, flame, no pollution, smoke nor carbon monoxide during the whole cooking process. The cooking plate remains cool during cooking

4.The cooker will shut off automatically within 60 seconds if the pot is overheated or there is no cookware on top.

5.The cooking plate is made of crystallite glass which can stand the heat up to 550°C; and stand the weight up to 20kg.

6.Multi-cooking functions: Stir-fry, Steamboat, Soup, Steam and Preset. anually cooking function for Stir-fry and Steamboat; Auto-function for Soup and Steam.

售價: RM768

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