Monday, November 2, 2009

Healthy enzymes DIY 健康酵素

1) Dragon Fruit 800g
2) Oligo 900 90g (available at organic shop)
3) Lime Flower Honey 250g (available at organic shop)

* Pure Isomaltose Oligo (Oligo 900) is the most ideal ingredient to be used for preparing non-sugar enzyme. It helps the growth of bifidus in large intestine and will not be fermented into glucose.

* Lime Flower Honey is a combination of glucose and fructose. Low amount of honey helps to activate the fermentation process. This glucose and fructose will also be converted into alcohol and with very low level residue remaining when the fermentation matures, these substance will be fully decomposed.

1) Rinse the dragon fruit and keep dry. Remove the skin and slice it.
2) Divide ingredients into 3 portions. Stack ingredients into the glass jar (dragon fruit, oligo 900, lime flower honey). Repeat the process with the remaining portions.
3) Seal with food wrap and cover with a lid. Keep in dry and cool place for two weeks before serving.

4) For serving, every 30ml enzyme mix with ten times of water.


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